Bed Wetting Alarm

Bed Wetting Alarm

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Bed wetting alarms offer the highest success rate of treatments available to children (5 years and older) dealing with nocturnal primary enuresis or secondary enuresis.

The new Wet-Stop3 bed wetting urine alarm is a drug-free treatment which helps condition the user to better sleep arousal at the onset of a full bladder.

Compare bedwetting alarms to bedwetting medications below. The basis of this study was 261 children, who were followed for one year.

Bedwetting Alarms vs Bedwetting Medications

Alarms used during the test included the original Wet Stop and the Sears Wee Alert.

Reference: J.A. Monda & D.A. Husman, Journal of Urology, Volume 154, August 1995

Bedwetting alarms have the best cure rate.

The new Wet-Stop3 enuresis alarm teaches nighttime dryness with a vibrating buzzer and 5 sound alarm attached to the pajamas near the ear and a moisture sensor held onto ordinary underwear. This new model, Wet-Stop3, eliminates the need for sewing pockets to underpants or using paper liners.

Wet-Stop3 is convenient as well as effective. It reacts immediately to the first few drops of moisture, teaching the child to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet.

During this learning process, dry underpants will be needed but the family will be spared the bother of remaking the entire bed.

In less than six months, many children will no longer require use of the Wet-Stop3.

See the detailed instructions on how to use the new Wetstop 3 bed wetting alarm.

Print out the Wetstop 3 Progress Chart.


  • Magnetic attachment (no sewing)
  • 5 Variable Alarms
  • Alarm and/or Vibration Modes
  • Flashing LED Button
  • Instant clip-on urine sensor
  • Two-Step Turn-Off Process
  • One-year Warranty

Kit Contains:

  • Alarm & Sensor
  • Instructions for use (6 languages)
  • The "Complete Bedwetting Book" on a CD
  • Calendar, Stickers
  • Requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries (Not Included)
ColorMulticolored, Black
Product TypeBed Wetting Alarms
Product GenderUnisex
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