Potty Training Chart & Stickers for Boys

Potty Training Chart & Stickers for Boys

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This Potty Training Chart will encourage your child to use the potty by providing your child with motivation!

This Potty Training Chart & Sticker by Potty Scotty is a complete personalized potty training reward system for your boy.

It includes the following items:

  • 8.5 X 11 laminated reusable potty training chart
  • 192 colorful encouraging word stickers
  • Guide to Potty Training your Toddler
  • Keepsake potty training certificateA blue dry erase marker
  • 2 magnetic strips to post your potty chart on the fridge
  • Plastic hook to hang potty chart in the bathroom

This Potty Scotty Potty Training Chart & Stickers is a truly personalized potty training reward system

  • Personlize the potty chart with your boy's name and photograph
  • Flexible - allows you to personalize the rewards that will encourage and motivate YOUR child
  • Hang it where it works for YOU and YOUR child
  • Write, draw or sticker the chart - do what works best for you and your child
  • Laminated chart is resuable

Potty training charts get your child involved with the potty training process to give your child the feeling of self-satisfaction each time your child successfully uses the potty.

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2 Stars - Potty Scotty potty training chart (Jan 16, 2015) Reviewer: Jodi Jenkins

For $17 I could have made a picture with a path to a treasure chest and bought stickers to get my son down the path! Any chart can work, but not worth the money this one costs! On the upside, I'll save it for my next child because there seems to be a lot of stickers.

5 Stars - A smart reward! (Jul 28, 2015) Reviewer: Matthew's mom

I actually used this chart as a reward to my son every time he goes. The package have 5 pages of stickers that my son peels after he goes and stick it to the laminated chart. The chart is actually a laminated picture and there's road where the sticker goes until he reaches the treasure chest and gets the reward you put in the text box. This help the potty training a lot because my son gets excited to go to potty to get lots of stickers. Although going #2 is another story coz until now he won't go in the potty yet :( .

5 Stars - The only training pants in large sizes that do the job!! (Aug 19, 2012) Reviewer: Victoria White

Potty training a child with special needs is a real challenge....finding training pants to fit a larger child was just the first.

I'm a senior citizen who has A LOT of experience in this field. I have tried the product & I'm placing an order for a dozen more today.

3 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

The stickers are a little boring but could use for boy or girl. The chart was not what I expected but overall it has worked well with my child, whom has been very difficult to potty train at 3.5 years.

5 Stars - Potty training chart (Mar 06, 2012) Reviewer: Marcy Gadeck

Love this and has different stickers to use.

5 Stars - Great set of stickers (Apr 27, 2013) Reviewer: S Jordan

These stickers come with a nice variety. 2 1/2 year old boy loved them and was eager to earn stickers. What particularly fascinated him was that the stickers are like window stickers, he could easily peel them off and change their location. After successful potty training, he loves placing them on his toy cars and can move them to whatever toy is his favorite at the moment.

4 Stars - Okay Potty Chart (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: Melissa P Brown

The stickers are a little boring but could use for boy or girl. The chart was not what I expected but overall it has worked well with my child, whom has been very difficult to potty train at 3.5 years.

PTC Note: The stickers have been since been improved.

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