Potty Training in One Day - Book & DVD Set

Potty Training in One Day - Book & DVD Set

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If Potty Training in One Day interests you as a potty training method, then we strongly suggest that you consider purchasing this great combination set.

The book will not only walk you through the entire potty training process, the DVD (Running Time: 38 minutes) gives you a visual tour of how the process works with real moms potty training their children.

Read more about Potty Training in One Day - A Guide for Today's Parents and Potty Training in One Day - A DVD for Today's Parents.

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5 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

I had heard about this book and doll system from a friend who raved about how it helped get her three year old son out of diapers and decided to buy it as I had no other ideas on how to start potty training my first child. I'll admit, I dreaded the process generally, having seen other friends struggle with inconsistent results using bribery and nagging, and didn't really want to have to go through all that with my daughter. With this book and the doll, I didn't. I suspect that with a good deal of forethought, one might be able to come up with these ideas oneself, but it was so helpful to have the charts to follow, detailing the process of demonstrating desired and undesired behaviors. I have read the previous comments, and while I appreciate that the repetition of the 10 practice runs could be stressful, the author emphasizes repeatedly that the parent must remain calm and not allow it to be part of a battle of wills. For my daughter, the repetition certainly emphasized the process and was integral to her mastery of the potty training, and I think it is the reason why we have had no accidents since our two day weekend process &40;at 2 years and almost 5 months&41;. She had until then talked a lot about the potty and had seen friends use it, had sat on it occasionally with clothing and sometimes without, and had once accidentally used it &40;it was not apparent that she expected anything to happen and seemed surprised when it did&41;. After this, she gained not only the recognition of the signs that she needed to go, but also the ability to chart a course to the bathroom, remove her underpants, sit, go, and wait to finish before standing. Stupid as it sounds, the ability to take off her own underpants is essential, as it means she can initiate without asking for a grownup's help, which for my INCREDIBLY independent little one makes her willing to go and use the potty, since she can do it by herself. I think the fact that some friends' children are dependent on adults to remove their pants is one of the reasons for accidents and the repetition of the steps, including pants removal allays this problem. To address the issue of all the necessary products, we bought the doll and the book, but bought our training pants and potty seat, etc. elsewhere. And when we put the book in our cart, Amazon suggested the doll as a combination, so I think the association is there. Is the doll necessary? For us, the process basically has taken three days &40;though there were no accidents on day three, it was still the main subject of conversation all day and we continued the dry/wet pants checks, so I count it as well, even though she was demonstrating initiative and mastery. We only used the doll the first day. It was indeed helpful to be able to demonstrate with the doll and I think that it was part of what made the "BIG DAY" feel unlike any other day. Could it be done with another doll that doesn't pee? Perhaps. But it did work for us and my daughter is now very fond of the doll since she taught Potty Patty to use the potty. Which brings me to my final point. The whole point of this method is to have the child "teach" the dolly how to use the potty, dealing with successes and failures along the way, practicing themselves in tandem. For a child who is very parent-pleasing, perhaps that is not necessary. For a child who is very reward driven &40;ex/ will put away toys for M&Ms or stickers&41;, perhaps that is not necessary. But for a child who derives a lot of pleasure from independence, from "helping" other kids, and from demonstrating ability &40;"I do it myself!"&41; it was a perfect fit. And with such a calm and straightforward guideline, we were able to make potty training not an unpleasant chore, but rather a lovely, exciting milestone, reached and celebrated together. It was actually a lot of fun for both of us!

2 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

I know the author MENTIONS having used the Azrin book "Potty Train in One Day", but I guess she forgot to mention that that book IS this book! Her "method" is EXACTLY the same as that one, save for a few tweaks here and there &40;she changes wet pants after an accident before practice runs, he does not&41;. I bought the Potty Scotty Doll and the book came with it, so at least I didn't shell out money for a book that I essentially already have, but I was VERY disappointed to see basically the Cliff's Notes version on Nathan Azrin's book!

4 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

I tried this and got really into every single detail. Once afternoon hit I just knew my daughter wasn't ready and bagged it. I think this book is best for parents who both work and are on a tight timeline. However, if this technique is a good fit for your situation, I would definitely recommend it.

5 Stars - CUTE & functional (Feb 19, 2013) Reviewer: Bella Lucas

Bought these and the princess print for my 20-month-old princess :) Absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone. My little one is seemingly tiny and the smalls fit her perfectly. Ideal thickness and are making potty training fun and fashionable for her :)

5 Stars - Perfect Fit! (Feb 19, 2013) Reviewer: Bella Lucas

I was looking for panties for my seemingly tiny 20-month-old; she's in the 95th percentile for height (can't remember the exact measurement) and between the 10th & 25th for weight, weighing 23 lbs. Her tiny toosh didn't fit well in the panties I bought locally so purchased these in a small for her. I LOVE THEM! She does also. They fit well, and are just the right thickness for her to feel the wetness when she has an accident BUT for there not to be a puddle for me to clean up. Would definitely recommend these to others. Love the fun prints too.

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