Changing The Way I Potty Train My Son

Changing The Way  I Potty Train My Son

Question: I am going to use your program on Friday to train my son to go potty! He is almost 26 months old and I have had some success with him in pull-ups and he already pee-pees in the potty when I take him (and his pull up has been wet only a few times) and he has initiated it on his own maybe 3 times. He has not had any BM's in the potty yet.

My question is since I have been doing that and now I want to try your program, will that mess him up at all with the training? Also, he only uses a potty seat on an adult potty... should I make him use a potty chair during the training?

Any advice before my big day on Friday would be greatly appreciated!! I am looking forward to using this program and have just watched the training DVD and am excited to get started! Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give!

Answer: No, you will not mess him. You will be changing some things on him - but kids are pretty flexible - so he should adjust and adapt to the new terms.

Re: potty chair vs potty seat (adapter on toilet )- the main reason I suggest a chair is the fact you can move it around and have it where you need it AND it is easier for toddler to get on and off a chair - thus creating the environment for independent potty training. I would not force him to use the chair. You know your child best - so if he is able to get on and off the toilet easily and safely by himself - and you are able to train around the bathroom area - then stick with it. You won't have to transition him. I wish you all the best for you big day.

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