Potty Training Tips for Boys

Potty Training Tips for Boys

Here are some great tips for potty training boys.

  1. If you decide to teach you son to pee standing up, have him "sink the battle ship"

    • Use Potty Scotty toilet targets, toilet paper, cheerios, or even ice cubes colored with food coloring and have your child aim at the battle ship.

  2. Change the color of the toilet water to blue by using cleaning tablets or food coloring. When he pees in it, he will see the color change to green.

  3. Add a little shampoo to the water and it will create bubbles as he pees.

  4. Let him pee outside - in the backyard, in the woods or even in the snow.

  5. Have him practice aiming at something or writing in the snow.

  6. Let him and his brother or father have a peeing party.

Make sure that the toilet seat stays in the raised position when put there; injuries have been caused by falling seat.


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