What Age to Start Potty Training

What Age to Start Potty Training

One big obstacle between our kids and complete toilet training is often impatience on our part.

The general consensus seems to place the proper time for starting potty training somewhere between two and three and a half years. But when it comes to finishing the job, every child is different, and there's no set deadline for the potty training process.

In some cases, all it takes is a little time and planning for a kid to go from first demonstrating potty awareness by asking for a diaper when they need to go to using the restroom properly, with no drastic measures required from us.

Often, harsh words from impatience only agitate the potential fault lines between you and your child and make it progressively more difficult to get through to them.

Again, the time it takes for the actual potty training phase varies drastically from child to child(yet again). "Easy" kids can train in as little as a day, but reluctant children can take up to five or six months.

Always remember that persistence and consistency are extremely important in dealing with the reluctant child. Stick to your plan, and your child will eventually come around.

However, don't hold off starting past that three and a half to four year point. Refraining from starting training until after that period can make the habit of using pull-ups or diapers inordinately difficult to break.

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