Potty Training Products for Boys

When potty training toddlers you need to keep 3 things in mind.

  1. Is your child is ready to be potty trained ?
  2. Are YOU the parent ready to potty train?
  3. Do you have all the potty training tools that you need?

Here are some really fun potty training products, specifically for potty training boys:

1. Anatomically correct Potty Training BOY doll.

The Potty Scotty doll is designed to be anamtomically correct boy doll AND Potty Scotty can urinate sitting down or standing up. Therefore this boy doll is perfect for modeling the going potty behavior for your little boy.

2. Toilet Targets

The Potty Scotty Toilet Targets are shaped like animals and can be a lot of fun for your little boy to shoot at while he learn his aim!

3. Urinals for Little Boys

Since some little boys are not quite tall enough to properly urinate in the toilet and thus the Weeman urinal for boys by Potty Scotty is the perfect little urinals for your little boy - get him started with his own urinal at home!

4. Potty Chairs with Splash Guard.

Most potty chairs and potty seats today come with a splash guard. All the Potty Scotty Chairs i.e. the Potty Scotty Potty Chair, Potty Scotty Musical Potty Chair and the the Riding Potty Chair by Potty Scotty have a high enough splash guard to help minimize with over spray!

The challenge is to find the right type and size of splash guard for your son.

5. Potty Seats with a Splash Guard.

The Potty Scotty Seat I was designed not only for safety, but for comfort and fun. It has a low to medium splash guard.

The Potty Scotty Seat II was designed with a high back that will provide support for the child's back and a high splash guard in front to prevent messes.

Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles!

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