Potty Training in One Day Method

Summary of One Day Method:

Provide immediate, varied (juices, edibles, treats, hugs, etc.), positive reinforcement at every instance of correct toileting skill, e.g., approaching potty, grasping pants, sitting on potty, etc. Do not reinforce non-toileting acts. Tell the child how happy [name significant other] will be that the child is learning to use the potty and to keep pants dry.

Accidents: Verbal reprimand, omit reinforcement, have child change wet pants to dry ones by him or herself, conduct 5-10 rapid "positive practice" sessions as follows:

  1. Use the doll that wets to imitate the processes of toileting and teach specific actions. Manually guide child through the proper actions, then let the child guide the doll through the process.

  2. When the doll urinates in the potty , teach the child to empty it into the toilet, flush and return the chair. Once this is learned, begin training child.

  3. Teach the child to check and identify dry pants from wet pants. Reward/praise dry pants. Perform checks every 3 to 5 minutes and keep track using a training reminder sheet .

  4. Give child as much to drink as desired to create a strong, frequent desire to toilet (at least 8oz/hr). Use as a positive reinforcement.

  5. Instruct child to walk to the potty, lower pants, sit down quietly for several minutes, stand up, and raise pants. Watch to see if urination begins and praise/ reward immediately.

  6. After urination takes place, the have child wipe him or herself, and empty and replace pot as in 2 above.

  7. Increased number of trials: give prompted potty trials every 15 minutes in the beginning, decrease frequency as child acquires skill.

  8. Conduct "dry pants" checks every 5 minutes, have child do it as well.

  9. At first, have child sit on the potty about 10 minutes; after two to three successful urinations into the potty and much praise, the child will begin to understand and prompting and sit time can be reduced.

  10. Gradually change from directing child to "go potty" to asking child if he or she has to "go potty" to general questions such as "Where do you go potty?" and "Are your pants dry?". Once child goes potty after a general question, only comment on dry pants.

  11. As child acquires skills and performs actions correctly, give approval only at the end of an action rather than during it. Eventually reduce to praising only dry pants.

  12. For next several days, do dry pants checks at meals, naps, bedtimes, etc., and praise each time pants are dry. Use the follow-up checklist sheet . If there is an accident, reprimand the child, have the child change by him or herself, and perform more practice sessions. No reminders to toilet are given.
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