Deluxe Potty Training Kit by Potty Scotty

Deluxe Potty Training Kit by Potty Scotty

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This DELUXE Potty Scotty Kit will help you potty train your child in record time! Your child can go from wearing diapers to being accident free in about two weeks.

This potty training method teaches your child to go potty independently when he needs to go.

The Deluxe Kit includes:

    1. The Potty Doll and it's accessories
    The Potty Scotty Doll is an anatomically correct boy doll that can drink and wet-on-demand and is used as a teaching aid. The doll will model the going potty behavior for your child. The doll has been specially designed for the potty training in one day method.
    2. The Book
    Potty Training in One Day - A Guide for Today's Parents - which will walk you the parent through the entire potty training process - from determining if you child is ready, to how to handle BM training, night time training and bed wetting.
    3. The DVD
    Potty Training in One Day - A DVD for Today's Parents is an instruction video that will provide you the parent with a step by step visual journey featuring real parents and children demonstrating the potty training in one day method.
Click here for Operating Instructions for the doll.  
BrandPotty Scotty
Product TypePotty Dolls
Product GenderMale
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Potty Doll FeaturesWearing Diapers, Looks like a Toddler, Includes Training Pants, Featured in Book, Drink and Wet, Wet on Demand
Average Customer Rating: 3.75
Based On 4 Reviews
5 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

We've used Scotty to help our two boys learn to use the toilet. My first son had a really hard time understanding the concept of going potty. We tried everything, but he just wouldn't get it, even after his 3rd birthday. I heard about the "Potty Train in a Day" method and bought the doll. We had a big "Potty Party" for my Scotty and my son. In the morning we trained the doll to use the potty, then at lunchtime had a big celebration &40;ridiculously over the top, but my 3-year-old was pumped about the doll's success!&41;. Then in the afternoon it was our son's turn to use the potty. Up until this day, he had NEVER done any business on the potty. He really was clueless about it. Finally, late in the afternoon he "performed" and it clicked. It still took about 3 months for him to be pull-up free, but it clicked and I appreciate Scotty's help! Our younger son was just plain stubborn about the potty, but helping to train Scotty got him excited and the "Potty Party" really helped him get out of pull-ups quickly. The doll is well made and the "parts" are realistic enough. Occasionally, Scotty would leak a tiny bit, but I really don't think you can expect perfection. One tip: don't let your child clearly see you squeezing Scotty's leg &40;that's how you make him pee&41;. One of our boys thought that in order to make himself pee, he needed to squeeze his own leg! Guess he was really paying attention! Also, for the poop, use a tur

4 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

The book was very helpful in training my boy. The doll help show the boy's parts and positioning. I liked it fit on the potty without falling in &40;my boy's biggest fear&41;. It does leak around the legs when it is full.

2 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

This doll is ok, but I agree with another reviewer that for the money, i would have expected more. I bought this doll to help train my 2 1/2 year old son so that I could follow the toilet training in a day book. I was skeptical about purchasing such an expensive doll for the training, but decided to go with it because it was such an integral part of the training and if it could really work then it was worth a try. I would make a few suggestions to anyone who's looking for a doll like this, and like me, who is determined to use one 1.&41; work with the doll before you ever show your child. There's a tube system inside the doll that takes the water from the mouth and fills up the leg of the doll, on our doll it is the left leg. If you force the bottle in, it pushes the tube out of the baby's mouth and then the water fills up inside the doll and causes leaking at all of the contact points - body/neck, body/arm, body/right leg, body/groin, etc. 2.&41; don't even try to have your child take off the clothes for potty training, use the training pants that came with the doll and his t-shirt and skip the rest. If you follow the potty training book, your child will probably be dressed like this too, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal 3.&41; The directions say to fill up with 1 1/2 - 2 bottles of water, I only used 1, it was enough to fill the doll up so that he would go to the bathroom, but not so much that he leaked for days after because no matter how you try.

4 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous

I bought this doll to help my 19 month old get the concept of peeing in the potty. My daughter immediately loved feeding the doll and carrying her around. The cons were that you have to feed the doll at least 2 bottles worth SLOWLY for the doll to have enough in it to best show how the doll will go in the potty. Also, there is an art to making the doll pee consistently without sputtering. The pros were that my kid loved the doll and it did everything I needed it to.

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