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Does your little man get up in the night and have to pee? Johnny Light will be perfect, when the seat is lifted a light shines directly into the bowl!

The Johnny Light lights the toilet bowl at night when the toilet seat is raised and goes off when the toilet seat goes down.

The Johnny Light installs easily with no tools; The green light easy on the eyes, and two Duracell batteries are included.

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ColorWhite, Black
Product TypeBathroom Accessories, Potty Accessories
Product GenderUnisex
DepartmentHome + Garden
Average Customer Rating: 4
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5 Stars - "Bright Idea" Goes Way Beyond Potty Training to Domestic Bliss (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Preston Kirk

The Johnny Light is a very helpful, proven family-friendly product co-invented by the engineer and father of three girls -- Bill Bradford of Burleson, TX. Great for Father's Day, MOthers Day or as a Yule-time Stocking stuffer, this highly popular (and patented) Johnny Light, a soft green night-light activated by a gravity switch when the commode seat is raised. It is available nationwide in stores, by phone and online. The original intent of this popular device was two-fold: 1) To get men to "put the seat back down" so that girls, women could avoid embarrassing "splashdowns" at night and 2) To speed the potty training of children, particularly, little boys. Moreover, it originally and specifically responded to a rash of toddler injuries and deaths from "parental rage" over potty training that occurred in North Texas. Customer testimonials attest to its speeding the training process. And for the rest of the household members it teaches gender respect, improves hygiene, makes for less clean-up and prevents injuries and embarrassing "splashdowns" for adults. (Older adults can break a hip.) I guess the "green light" means "Go!" for boys and "Watch out below!" for little girls, as the inventor is fond of saying. Moreover, it eliminates a lot of clean-ups, since men often do not turn on disturbing overhead lights at night and it helps little boys recognize the importance of "hitting the target" illuminated by the light. The Johnny Light was featured on the reality TV show American Inventor as a successful device and was saluted on their website in 2007. In December, it was featured on "Donny Deutsch's Big Idea" on CNBC; on in January and written up in April in Steve Greenberg's new book "Gadget Nation." It has been seen on the "Regis...," "Leeza!" and "Howie Mandell" shows, as well as "CBS World News Overnight," the "NBC Today Show," in Glamour magazine and on and on. This durable device -- the battery lasts 6 mos. with normal use --helps Females avoid embarrassing late night" splashdowns," and Males -- young and old -- garner appreciation from siblings, wives, lovers and family members by improving cleanliness in the bathroom and not disturbing others with overhead or glaring lights during the nightly "constitutional." The Johnny Light has been showing up regularly on do-it-yourself, home improvement, romance, parenting/new mother and even bridal/wedding websites as a gift idea for new couples, housewarmings. For an affordable $12 to $14, the Johnny Light preserves dignity, slumbertime serenity and creates peace in a romantic relationship. And it is WAY cheaper than a marriage or relationship counselor. The device is available at more than 1,000 Lowe's Home improvement stores; at THIS FINE WEBSITE,, or by toll-free phone, 888-566-LITE (5483). Yes, it makes me smile and laugh, though half sleepy at night, but my wife loves the light and doing less clean-up and not falling into the commode! I've no kids, so can't give a testimonial there, but personal thanks to BILL BRADFORD and his little gizmo-gadget-device and "Domestic Bliss" product.

1 Stars - Johnny Light (Dec 03, 2012) Reviewer: Melissa

Very cheaply made, doesn't fit on toilet with potty chair and a waste of money don't bother.

5 Stars - Great Potty Seat! (Jan 09, 2009) Reviewer: Sonia

I bought this potty seat for my daughter to start learning to use the potty. I've been using it since Monday and it's now Friday. It is a great seat. It sits securely on top of the regular toilet seat...we have a hard plastic seat so I don't know how well it will work on different toilet seats. It's comfortable enough for my daughter to sit on without excuses to get up from it even if she wanted to. I think it's a great seat for a stationery potty seat.

5 Stars - Great potty seat! (Jan 09, 2009) Reviewer: Sonia

I bought this potty seat at my local kmart. It was the only one they had at the time, but I'm glad I bought it. I brought it home and put it on top of the regular toilet seat and it fit perfectly. It does slide a little when my toddler sits on it, but not to the point where you think they will fall in the toilet. It's comfortable and sturdy and my daughter is happy with it. The rubber duckies on it are a plus! I highly recommend this for first time users.

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