How To Tell When Boys Are Ready To Be Potty Trained

How To Tell When Boys Are Ready To Be Potty Trained

Your boy may be getting older and your wondering if he is ready to be potty trained yet. This is normal, since it can be hard to tell at times and you may be wondering if it is too soon to start even. Potty training is an exciting time in your life and of course your son's life too. He is growing up and this can be scary and fun too.

 However, potty training boys can be difficult to know if you should start or not. It is understandable that you do not want to start too soon if your son is not ready yet. But, there are some clear signs to look for to know if your son is ready to start the potty training process though. If you see these signs, than you will know that your son is ready to start being potty trained.

There is no "right" age to start potty training, you should be looking for signs of readiness to determine your son's individual readiness. Remember that 18-24 months is a general guideline, and you should have your expectations be based on your child's readiness only.

Potty Training Signs of Readiness:

If your son has begun doing these things than you want to began potty training him. He is interested now and it is best to start than, so that he does not lose interest or go back to being comfortable in a diaper.

This doesn't mean you have to put him on the toilet immediately, but you can begin talking to him about potty training, showing him potty books and videos and even use a potty doll to start showing him what is suppose to happen and what will happen when he uses the potty.

You may also want to start letting him pick out a potty chair to use, a potty chart and potty stickers also to get him prepared for the start date of potty training.

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