Should Fathers be Potty Training Their Boys?

Should Fathers be Potty Training Their Boys?

We know that one of the primary principles of parenting is the idea that our kids learn expected behaviors best when they're able to see the behavior modeled for them. This is precisely the reason why the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty training dolls are so effective in teaching children how to use the potty.

However, the "traditional" role of mothers as homemakers has left a lot of the potty training to the moms out there, even when it's one of our little boys that needs the instruction.

Now, the big question: is this the best way to go? {} Various studies have shown that children start becoming gender aware at around age two.

Boys begin to recognize the differences between their mother's and father's behavioral patterns, which becomes especially important in a gender-specific activity like potty training.

The idea that "boys are harder to potty train" may stem from the fact that most boys are being trained by their mothers, who aren't necessarily ideal models for their expected potty behavior.

If your training your little boy seems to be more challenging than you expected, try having the father model appropriate behavior instead. You may find that your child is more receptive and finds his way to potty training success quicker.

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