Expert Tips on Potty Training Boys: Standing or Sitting?

Expert Tips on Potty Training Boys: Standing or Sitting?


The topic of teaching your little boy to urinate gets interesting when it comes to the choice of teaching him to stand vs. teaching him to sit.
Here, we've gathered the opinions of some of the best experts in the field when it comes to potty training boys.

We will start with the crème de la crème of potty training experts - the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Here is a quote from the "Guide to Toilet Training" by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

"Parents often wonder whether to start training boys to urinate standing up or sitting down.

Where there is not definitive "best answer" to this question, toddler boys are usually encouraged to sit down to urinate until they've grown familiar with the process of potty use and their aim while urinating is likely to have improved.

By age two and a half or three, when children become interested in the concepts of gender, boys begin to copy their fathers, friends, or older brothers and stand up when urinating."

From "Toilet Training, The Brazelton Way", by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.

"It is never a problem to "teach" a little boy to stand to urinate. A little boy runs in while his father or a big brother is standing noisily urinating. His face lights up. "I can do that." He pulls his penis out of his pull-ups. He can spray, too! He can make a picture in the dirt. He can make a dent in the grass! He can water the back of the toilet seat. Best of all, he can watch it as he does it! 
But teaching him to stand before he has learned to sit down to move his bowels had better be avoided. The difficulty then will be to get him to sit down at all on his potty. Once he's learned to sit, then teach him how to aim by making a noise in the toilet water or on the side of his plastic potty when he stands. He's bound to be thrilled."

From "Potty Training in One Day - A Guide for Today's Parents" by Narmin Parpia

"I'd like to share my thoughts and observations on potty training boys - even though Potty Scotty™ can pee standing up or sitting down, I recommend sitting him down to pee.
The main reason that you want to teach your boy child to urinate sitting down is that BM and urine tend to come out at the same time, so if you teach your child to urinate sitting down, then you can continue with the same process for bowel movements."

From "Potty Training for Dummies" by Diane Stafford and Jennifer Shoquist

"Most little boys pee sitting down first, with their penises pointed downward. Later, they learn to pee standing up. 
But, if he does the standing up thing first, that's okay too."

From "Toilet Training - A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training" by Vicki Lansky

"Many start boys seated. It minimizes extra clean up. Eventually, though, boys do stand and may need some extra instruction.
Aiming takes practice. When a little boy starts urinating in a standing position, be prepared to wipe up (and / or have him wipe up) around the toilet."

From "Keys to Toilet Training" by Meg Zweiiback

"It's easier and far less messy when a little boys learning to use the toilet sits down.
It won't be long before he sees older boys standing up to go.
He'll want to try, and that is the time to help him."

From "Parenting - Guide to Toilet Training" by Anne Krueger

"Do yourself (and your bathroom walls) a favor: teach your son to pee sitting down. He'll be sitting to make a bowel movement anyway - and urine often accompanies a BM - so sitting will feel normal to him.
At first he may just "accidentally" pee into the potty as he's sitting to deliver a BM......When your son has grasped the concept of peeing and pooping in the potty and does it regulary and with some success, he can be taught how to pee standing up.......
If your child vehemently insists on peeing standing up - to the point where he's resisting potty training because he does not wnat to sit - let him stand.
There's no value in turning this issue into a power struggle. He may be showing that he is ready to pee standing up."

So how do you as a parent decide on potty training a boy? Should you start training with him sitting down or standing up?
Make your decision based on your child and what works for you and your family. After all, you are the expert when it comes to your little boy!

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