I used the Potty Training in a Day system to potty train my son who was 33 months old, and I couldn't have had a better experience!

With preparation (very important part of the process) and a focused day with my son (I arranged for my mother to watch my 6 month old), we ended up with a successful day where he definitly understood the desired behavior (dry pants!!) and undesired behaviors.

After 2 days of follow-up at home, we had fewer accidents each day and we were out of the house with only 1-2 accidents a day the remainder of the week.

For a child that showed very little interest in potty training and was completely content to stay in wet (or soiled) diapers, I was amazed with the results.

It is a long day and requires a lot of patience and attention on the part of the parent, but it pays off in the end.

He still talks about his "Big Day" and tells his 20 month old sister she will have her "Big Day" soon. After reading longer books on this topic,

I found Narmin's book to be straightforward and easy to follow.

Of course every child is different (and I've since helped several family and friends use the method), but if you are focused on your child, know their personality, and follow the general method, it can be very successful :)


By K. Luongo (Oak Hill, VA United States)

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