Fantastic product!! It really does work!

We just used this method to teach our son (2yrs, 8 mos) to use the potty.

We love this product and potty training in one day method and highly recommend it!

Potty Scotty™ Kit - Boy Potty Training Doll

The book gave us some very helpful information about how to tell when your child is ready with social, emotional, physical and cognitive indicators.

Potty Training in One Day : A Guide for Today's Parents

The author also explains the child development principles for why this method works.

The 1 Day Method builds on the concepts that we learn best by example, that we learn when we "teach" others and that potty training principles naturally work with rewards and consequences.

With this method, our son learned how to use the potty in one weekend.

He feels very proud of himself and we are ecstatic, too!

This is a fantastic product/method....truly a must-have for every parent!

By Julie Darr (Fair Oaks, CA United States)

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