It really works!

It really works! I trained my son using this potty training in one day method when he was 2 years, 2 months. (My mom used a similar method with me in 1977 and recommended it) It worked really really well!

He took a bit longer to learn to go poopoo at first, until I realized that HE thought he was "making messies" if he went in the toilet.

I solved this by taking him around the house and showing him that the dishes go in the cupboard, clothes in the closet, toys in the toy box and poopoo in the toilet.

He totally got it after that.

He only had a couple accidents that I recall. I reminded him to go pee pee quite a lot at first, which I believed helped.

I stopped all liquid drinking an hour to and hour 1/2 before bedtime and had him pee right before bed and right after getting up.

I would highly recommend this product (The Potty Scott Kit) to everyone who's ready to potty train. :)

By Shelley Burton (Roseville, CA)

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