Child Led Method of Potty Training

Summary of Child Led Method:
  1. Around 18 months of age and shows signs of readiness , introduce a potty chair as the child's "own chair". Allow the child to get familiar with it and verbally associate it with the parents' toilet.

  2. Daily, have the child sit on the chair fully clothed when the parent uses the toilet. Parents may read books or offer treats to the child while he or she sits but allow the child to leave at will.

  3. After 1 to 2 weeks cooperation, remove the child's diaper and have him or her sit on the potty. Make no demands or attempts to catch anything.

  4. When the child is comfortable with the potty and eliminates in his or her diaper, take the child to the potty, empty the diaper into it and explain that this is where bowel movements go.

  5. If the child appears to understand, take the child to the potty several times a day.

  6. As interest grows, remove diapers and pants for short periods, place potty nearby and encourage the child to use it at will and independently. Periodic reminders may be given.

  7. If child is progressing then put into training pants and instruct how to raise and lower them.

After bowel control is obtained, boys can learn to urinate while standing by imitating other males. Nap and night training is left until later if it does not occur simultaneously with daytime control

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