Use Potty Chair or Potty Seat

Use Potty Chair or Potty Seat Question:

My son is now 19 mos old and has been using the big toilet successfully since age 14 mos.

He uses the toilet when I put him on the toilet after meals. Sometimes, he tells me he "has a poopoo coming" and "wants to sit on the toilet".

Now I really want to make the transition to fully potty trained and I want to use the one day method .

I already bought the Book and DVD set and found them very useful.

My question is: Should I use the big toilet instead of a potty chair since he is used to it?


Generally speaking, potty chairs is more suitable for the potty training in one day method.

The reasons are:

So, the bottom line is that a potty chair is more suitable for potty training in one day, but potty seats or the big toilet can be used - as long as you the parent have set up an environment for sucess - which includes considerations of comfort and safety for your child and yourself!

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