Determined to Say Goodbye to Diapers

" chair, a book, and even a dance spelled potty-training success for this toddler By ClubMom Member Betsy, Beaumont, CA When my daughter turned two we bought her a potty chair. We also bought her pull-up diapers, big girl underwear, a potty book, and a potty video. (Yeah, kinda of extreme but w ..." Read More

It's Potty Time

" Release your creative side during training time By ClubMom Member Danielle, Poca, WV I've been able to get my little girl to use the potty more by making a potty tree. This idea has really helped me out a lot. Each time after she asks to go potty, we put a little sticker on her tree. She does ..." Read More

Potty 101

" A favorite doll sometimes does the trick when you're potty training By ClubMom Member Sarah, Lancaster, NY Potty training is the most difficult thing to teach your children. I learned that while trying to teach my daughter to go on the potty. I found a good bit of advice from a book on the ..." Read More

Potty Trained in Three Days

" One intensive weekend has a young child using the toilet By ClubMom Member Naomi, Arlington, TX Our daughter started going to the potty when she was eighteen months. We potty trained her in just three days. Here's how we did it: My husband decided to take a three-day weekend to stay at hom ..." Read More

Preparing for Potty Training

" These tips will help By ClubMom Member Mary Jo, Farmington, MI I have found that potty training can be somewhat tricky depending on the child. Here are some tips. 1. Find out if your child is ready to begin potty training. Does she not want to stay in her wet diaper, or does she make menti ..." Read More

"Stars, Bubbles, and Potty Training"

" Giving little ones the incentive they need to get going By ClubMom Member Amanda, Murfreesboro, TN I had the hardest time trying to potty train my son. One piece of advice I got was to stick a star on the bottom of his portable potty and tell him to try and hit the star. That didn't work. It ..." Read More

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