Recommended by Dr. Jim Sears

Dr. Jim Sears

" Meet Dr. Jim Sears of the Sears Family of doctors! Go to their website to learn more about the Sears Family. Jim (James) Sears M.D., is a board certified pediatrician . He shares a private practice with him Father - William Sears and his younger brother Robert Sears. Dr. Jim as he is know ..." Read More

Scotty Training Pants Padded - 3.6 ,12 PACK

" Are you using diapers or pull-ups? Are they NOT working? That is because your toddler need to FEEL the wetness. Cotton Training Pants by Potty Scotty are what you need when potty training toddler boys! We have specially designed these padded potty training pants to fit loosely so that they can ..." Read More

Boy Potty Training Doll - Potty Scotty

" Potty training dolls are a great potty training tool because they allow your toddler to potty train the doll. By teaching the doll how to go potty, your toddler is learning the correct behavior for when he goes potty! Potty Scotty, potty training doll, can go potty in any potty chair, toilet or pot ..." Read More

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