Bed Wetting

" Is your child completely potty trained during the day, but continues to wet his/her bed at night? Or has your child been completely potty trained for a while and now all of sudden he or she has started wetting his or her bed night? If you answered yes to either one o ..." Read More

Bowel Movement Training

" In most children, bowel control develops before urinary control. This is the reason that many toddlers will let you know that they are having a BM by their posture, gestures or facial expressions, but very few will let you know that they are urinating. So, if your child has ..." Read More

How to Handle Potty Accidents

" How to handle potty accidents: Accidents in potty training can and should be a normal part of the training period. Since children are in the process of mastering bladder and bowel control, it is perfectly normal for them to experience accidents. Accidents should be handled with consistenc ..." Read More

Potty Training - Poop

" Let's Talk About Poop! When it comes to potty training, parents don't necessarily need to train separately for bowel movements. Typically, bowel movements do not occur without the sensation of needing to urinate. Once the child has demonstrated the ability to control when they pott ..." Read More

Potty Training Regression

" Regardless of how much we'd like to deny it, often, as parents, we'll encounter periods of time when our children seem to arbitrarily take the day off from potty training. They may have been moving along quite nicely; progressing towards the goal of potty independence only to go inexplicab ..." Read More

Potty Training Resistance

" In many potty training cases, we hear about parents dealing with kids who are being incredibly resistant to the potty training process. Children who are refusing to potty train may be experiencing confusion about what's expected, emotional fears, painful physical sensations , or genera ..." Read More

What is Encopresis And How Does It Effect Toddlers

" Encopresis is when a child involuntarily soils themselves. They will accidentally have fecal soiling of their underpants. The child will leak poop and this is completely involuntarily. It usually happens to children that have already been potty trained and can occur for a few different reason ..." Read More

How To Potty Train A Boy In Separate Locations

" Something common that happens when you begin potty training is that children will be potty trained in two different locations. This often happens when a son needs to go a baby sitter or day care during the day. Of course it can also happen when there has been a divorce or separation in the home ..." Read More

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