Potty Training Methods

Child Led Method of Potty Training

" Summary of Child Led Method: Around 18 months of age and shows signs of readiness , introduce a potty chair as the child's "own chair". Allow the child to get familiar with it and verbally associate it with the parents' toilet. Daily, have the child sit on the ..." Read More

Infant Potty Training or Elimination Communciation (EC)

" Summary of the EC Method: Bowel and bladder training begin simultaneously at 2 to 3 weeks of age. Initially, the mother assumes all responsibility by placing child in a special training position outside the house when she senses the child needs to eliminate (e.g., ..." Read More

Potty Training in One Day Method

" Summary of One Day Method: Provide immediate, varied (juices, edibles, treats, hugs, etc.), positive reinforcement at every instance of correct toileting skill, e.g., approaching potty, grasping pants, sitting on potty, etc. Do not reinforce non-toileting acts. Tell the child how happy [name sig ..." Read More

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