Expert Tips on Potty Training Boys: Standing or Sitting?

"   The topic of teaching your little boy to urinate gets interesting when it comes to the choice of teaching him to stand vs. teaching him to sit. Here, we've gathered the opinions of some of the best experts in the field when it comes to potty training boys. We will start with th ..." Read More

Potty Training Products for Boys

" When potty training toddlers you need to keep 3 things in mind. Is your child is ready to be potty trained ? Are YOU the parent ready to potty train? Do you have all the potty training tools that you need? Here are some really fun potty training products, specifically for ..." Read More

How to Potty Train a Boy

" We are asked this question by many parents - they all want to know whether to start potty training a boy to urinate standing up or sitting down. While there is definitely no right or wrong way to potty train a boy , most potty training experts (see what the experts says about potty training a b ..." Read More

How to get him to use toilet

" Tips On How To Get Boys To Stop Using A Potty Chair And Use The Big Toilet There comes a point with potty training that your son will need to move from the potty chair to the regular big toilet. This is another step in the potty training process and many times children will be resis ..." Read More

What is Encopresis And How Does It Effect Toddlers

" Encopresis is when a child involuntarily soils themselves. They will accidentally have fecal soiling of their underpants. The child will leak poop and this is completely involuntarily. It usually happens to children that have already been potty trained and can occur for a few different reason ..." Read More

How To Tell When Boys Are Ready To Be Potty Trained

" Your boy may be getting older and your wondering if he is ready to be potty trained yet. This is normal, since it can be hard to tell at times and you may be wondering if it is too soon to start even. Potty training is an exciting time in your life and of course your son's life too. He is gro ..." Read More

How To Potty Train A Boy In Separate Locations

" Something common that happens when you begin potty training is that children will be potty trained in two different locations. This often happens when a son needs to go a baby sitter or day care during the day. Of course it can also happen when there has been a divorce or separation in the home ..." Read More

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