Potty Training Age for the One Day Method

" In the book Potty Training in One Day, Narmin Parpia supports the age range of eighteen to twenty-four months. Along with this minimum age range, Narmin instructs parents to use outlined tests that will give parents a clearer understanding of their child's readiness. In the book, it is suggeste ..." Read More

Use Potty Chair or Potty Seat

" Question: My son is now 19 mos old and has been using the big toilet successfully since age 14 mos. He uses the toilet when I put him on the toilet after meals. Sometimes, he tells me he "has a poopoo coming" and "wants to sit on the toilet". Now I really want to make the transition to f ..." Read More

Objective of Potty Training in One Day

" The objective with this method is to teach child to toilet him/herself without reminders or assistance. Training begins at about 20 months of age. Assess bladder control, physical development and ability to follow instructions to see if child has developed sufficiently to acquire toilet traini ..." Read More

Potty Training in One Day Method

" Summary of One Day Method: Provide immediate, varied (juices, edibles, treats, hugs, etc.), positive reinforcement at every instance of correct toileting skill, e.g., approaching potty, grasping pants, sitting on potty, etc. Do not reinforce non-toileting acts. Tell the child how happy [name sig ..." Read More

Power Struggle when using the One Day Method

" Question: My son has been using the big toilet successfully since age 14 mos. Now I really want to make the transition to fully potty trained and I want to use the one day method . I already bought the Book and DVD set and found them very useful. My question is: About half the t ..." Read More

Pre-Training Exercise for the One Day Method

" Teach the child to assist in own dressing and undressing, especially raising and lowering pants. Allow the child to watch others toilet and explain the steps they are following. Teach the toileting words to be used during training. ..." Read More

Signs of Readiness for the One Day Method

" A child is ready to be trained if he or she: has bladder control, that is, the child urinates all at one time (not constant dribbling), stays dry for several hours and appears to know when he or she is about to urinate, e.g., facial expression or posture changes]; ..." Read More

Supplies and Set Up for the One Day Method

" Conduct training in one room. Eliminate or minimize all interruptions and distractions, e.g., toys. Have a ready supply of child's favorite drinks, snacks, and treats. Use a potty chair designed so a child can easily dump it into the toilet. Have a boy doll that wet ..." Read More

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