Potty Training Age for Infant Potty Training Method

" Author Laurie Boucke in her book Infant Potty Basics advises parents that the ideal time to start infant pottying is sometime between birth and 4-5 months of age, when the first window of opportunity is open for this type of learning. Bouke states that, "babies are smarter and more receptive ..." Read More

Infant Potty Training or Elimination Communciation (EC)

" Summary of the EC Method: Bowel and bladder training begin simultaneously at 2 to 3 weeks of age. Initially, the mother assumes all responsibility by placing child in a special training position outside the house when she senses the child needs to eliminate (e.g., ..." Read More

Objective of Infant Potty Training

" Training to begin at birth and progress until, at one year old, child is expected to control elimination, walk, and verbalize simple needs. Training takes place in care giver's arms until infant can sit up on a small specialized potty chair. The child is conditioned to respond to a special verbal ..." Read More

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