Potty Training Age for the Child Led Method

" Upon developing the Child Oriented approach, Dr. Brazelton writes in his current book Toilet Training the Brazelton Way that a parent wait until a child exhibits all seven signs of readiness: She's not excited about walking and being on her feet all the time. She is not as excit ..." Read More

Child Led Method of Potty Training

" Summary of Child Led Method: Around 18 months of age and shows signs of readiness , introduce a potty chair as the child's "own chair". Allow the child to get familiar with it and verbally associate it with the parents' toilet. Daily, have the child sit on the ..." Read More

Objective of the Child Led Method

" The objective of this method is to prevent problems for a child in learning bowel and bladder control. Learning this control is a major developmental task and proper timing may enable a child to master the acts for him or herself. Training must proceed slowly to allow for periods of negativit ..." Read More

Signs of Readiness for the Child Led Method

" Child must be able to sit and walk. Child must have some understanding of verbal commands. Child displays psychological readiness: has a desire to develop autonomy and self mastery, ..." Read More

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