Toilet Training at 2 Years Old

" Many first time moms are hesitant to start potty training; they talk to their pediatrician, read books and ask the advice of friends. You ask how to potty train, and what age to start potty training; this can be a little tricky as each child develops at his or her own rate, however a recent s ..." Read More

Toilet Training at 3 Years Old

" Potty training can take different amounts of time for every child. Since every child is different, there is no quick answer on how to get a child to toilet train. However, there are some definite tips and tricks that can help with the potty training and hopefully get the child to want to use th ..." Read More

Toilet Training at 4 Years Old

" Many parents wait to potty train their four year old, however this is a long time to wait when there are no behavioral or mental problems that are taking place. This is an important milestone that a child needs to meet and they cannot go to preschool if they are not toilet trained yet by this a ..." Read More

"I used it for my 3 year olds potty party, it worked!"

" My son has never taken any interest in dolls, so I wasn't sure he would buy into it. But he loved it . The Potty Scotty Doll It's been a week since his party and he's completely potty trained , and still plays with the boy doll . I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because if yo ..." Read More

What Age to Start Potty Training

" One big obstacle between our kids and complete toilet training is often impatience on our part. The general consensus seems to place the proper time for starting potty training somewhere between two and three and a half years. But when it comes to finishing the job, every child is differe ..." Read More

When to Start Potty Training

" Listed below are the potty training readiness signals that will help you determine if your child is ready for potty training. 1) Physiological readiness signals for potty training are (Bladder & Bowel Control) : Childs awareness of th ..." Read More

Potty Training Age for the One Day Method

" In the book Potty Training in One Day, Narmin Parpia supports the age range of eighteen to twenty-four months. Along with this minimum age range, Narmin instructs parents to use outlined tests that will give parents a clearer understanding of their child's readiness. In the book, it is suggeste ..." Read More

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