Potty Training Age for the One Day Method

Potty Training Age for the One Day Method

In the book Potty Training in One Day, Narmin Parpia supports the age range of eighteen to twenty-four months. Along with this minimum age range, Narmin instructs parents to use outlined tests that will give parents a clearer understanding of their child's readiness.

In the book, it is suggested that if a child can pass three simple tests, he or she is ready to begin training.

The three tests listed are: Bladder Control, Physical Development, and Instructional Readiness.

With the bladder control test, parents are to answer three questions:

  1. Does my child urinate a good deal at one time rather than dribbling throughout the day?
  2. Does he often stay dry for several hours?
  3. Does she appear to know she is about to urinate as indicated by her facial expressions or by special postures?

The second test is a simple evaluation of the child's physical abilities.

  1. Can he pick up objects easily?
  2. Does she walk from room to room easily?

If so, the child is sufficiently developed physically.

The third and final test is based on whether or not the child can follow a series of instructions.

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