Potty Training Age for the Child Led Method

Potty Training Age for the Child Led Method

Upon developing the Child Oriented approach, Dr. Brazelton writes in his current book Toilet Training the Brazelton Way that a parent wait until a child exhibits all seven signs of readiness:

  1. She's not excited about walking and being on her feet all the time. She is not as excited to be moving around all the time and is ready to sit and stay focused

  2. She has receptive language and can understand directions

  3. She can say, "No."

  4. She will start putting things where they belong.

  5. She imitates your behavior.

  6. She starts to urinate and move her bowels at predictable times.

  7. She is aware of her body.

Once all of these signs of readiness are apparent, then parents can proceed with training.

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